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Photographs: Eugenia Maximova
Text: Dimitre Dinev

Publisher: self publishing

Year оf printing 2021
ISBN: 978-3-200-07985-4
Hardcover 24 x 28 cm

First edition of 300 signed and numbered copies 

Silent River

  • About the Book

    On October 6, 2018, 30-year old television journalist Victoria Marinova was brutally raped and murdered in the Bulgarian city of Ruse. In broad daylight, the young woman went for a run by the Danube from which she never returned.

    The case caused an outcry in international media since Marinova was one of the few journalists who dared to speak up against the largescale corruption taking place in her country. Her violent death cast a stark spotlight not only on the widespread bribery but also on violence against women and the unsafe working conditions for journalists. The debate, however, silenced abruptly after only 48 hours, when Severin K., a 21-year old man of Romani descent, was arrested as the perpetrator. Bulgarian officials were quick to announce that the deed had not been politically motivated but was merely a tragic coincidence.



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