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About Me

Eugenia Maximova is a Bulgarian-Austrian photographer and visual artist based in Vienna. She has a master's degree in journalism- and communication studies from The University of Vienna. Her journalistic background informs many of her art projects. Whether in her portraits, cityscapes or still life series, there is always a socio-political angle that her photographs address and seek to challenge. Working mostly with an analogue medium-format camera and in vibrant colors, Eugenia Maximova sets out to explore the interconnections between political realities and the private lives of people, how identity is formed in different cultural settings, and the close ties between personal belongings and their owners with a passionate eye for the phenomenon of kitsch.

Eugenia Maximova has published several books and her work has been shown in solo exhibitions in a large number of countries. She has also given talks and has taught several workshops on photography.

As freelance photographer, her list of clients includes: GEO, National Geographic, Economist, Die Zeit, Moscow News, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Corriere della Sera and many more.

Eugenia Maximova’s work is represented by The Anzenberger Gallery/Agency in Vienna, Austria, and Photosynthesis Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria.