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KITCHEN STORIES FROM THE BALKANS (signed + print)by Eugenia MaximovaPhotographs: Eugenia MaximovaText: Christian CaujollePublisher: selfpublished84 pagesPictures: 34Year: 2014ISBN: 978-3-200-03436-5Comments: Limited to 20 copies, signed and numbered, 20 different prints to choose 19 x 19 cm (printed on A4 Hahnemuehle Fine Art Baryta and signed below the photograph) shopping bag made of plastic tablecloths, cotton-lined with leather strapsBOOK SPECIFICATION: Hardbound, coated cover with, 21x27cm, 37 images and 10 receipts form the Balkan region. Printed on Arctic volume ivory paper.

Kitchen Stories Special Edition

SKU: 21354654

    The kitchen is a multipurpose room, a space which reflects identity and self-perception. It embodies the spirit of the Balkan home and mirrors society as a whole. People in the Balkans would rather spend what little money they have in a cafe than on interior decoration. The functional, unadorned style which results from this conveys a tangible sense of the region’s lost identity, the inevitable legacy of half a millennium under the Ottoman yoke and half a century behind the Iron Curtain.

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