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Photographs: Eugenia Maximova
Text: Christian Caujolle
Publisher: La Fabrica
84 pages
Year оf printing 2015
ISBN: 978–84–16248–15–5
Hardcover 21 x 25 cm

Associated Nostalgia

SKU: 21554345656

    The Bulgarian-Austrian photographer Eugenia Maximova recognizes that many of her childhood memories are related to the kitsch aesthetic. During the communist years, which were characterized by a shortage of goods, showing off objects became the most obvious and naïf way of boasting certain possessions. These extravagant, gaudy items were displayed in glass cabinets and became appoint of family pride. Maximova commemorates this brightly colored aesthetic in this volume of kitsch images, compositions that say as much about today as Baroque still lives. The book includes an introduction by Christian Caujolle.